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If your property is suffering from blocked drains and are looking for a local drain unblocking company, we provide a fixed price, with no call-out charge and no hourly rate.

Drain247 covers London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire and our highly qualified drain experts carry out and perform all your drain unblocking needs. We provide qualified engineers with years of experience and the right equipment to ensure that they clear the blocked drain, sink or toilet in one visit. 99% of blockages cleared within the first hour and all for a fixed price, no call out charge or hourly rate.

A blocked drain is problematic for everyone as it affects the flow of the whole drainage system. Nasty niffs and foul smells? Could well be a blocked drain. Blockages don’t just happen like that; they take time to build up, often occurring over a period of several months or years. Fortunately, removing obstructions from drain lines doesn’t take as long as it does for them to form.


  • Fixed Price
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  • No Callout Charge
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • 30 Day Guarantee on unblocking

We equip our engineers with high-pressure water jetters that can go up to 4000psi allowing us to clear almost any blocked drains or blockage from the pipework be it heavy silt build up, fatbergs, building rubble & debris, mass roots or concrete deposits which are preventing the flow of water in the drain lines for a fixed price.


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A blockage is when a pipe that was designed to be free flowing when in use has become obstructed, preventing the flow of wastewater from reaching the designated destination, i.e. the main sewer or a manhole.

Numerous things can cause blockages, but the more common is due to the build-up of fat, oil, grease, food waste and other insoluble materials, i.e. baby wipes, sanitary napkins, condoms etc. that people flush down the toilet or pour down the sink instead of throwing in the bin.

When a blockage occurs, waste is trapped in the lines or the manhole which will cause a foul smell to spread across the property due to the gas escaping through the toilets, drains and sinks, in extreme cases, it will cause the manhole to overflow with waste as it is still in use.


There are various DIY methods you can carry out to try and unblock a blocked drain yourself but if these fail and the problem persists then it is time to call in a professional drainage company like Drain 247.


When toilets become blocked, it causes problems for everyone, and waste doesn’t flow down to where it’s supposed to go, in extreme cases the toilet just backfills with water and waste which cause health problems for the occupants of the house. You can try and unblock a toilet yourself by using a plunger but if this doesn’t work then the most likely cause of this is the drainage system. Drain 247 can carry out toilet unblocks at a guaranteed fixed price.


Sometimes sinks can become blocked with built up leftover food, cooking oil, soap and grease that people pour down the sink drains. Like drains, sinks are vital in our everyday use, and if this becomes blocked it can create a significant problem, luckily Drain 247 can carry out sink unblocks at an affordable price, or you can have a look at our DIY unblock tips, and you can do it yourself.


We can also carry out unblocking of gullies which have become blocked. We do this by removing the excess waste located on the rest-bend, but before this, we clean out the grill covering of the gully from any food deposits, leaves etc. that may be preventing access to the drainage system. Alternatively, we can use a drain rod to try and push down the excess waste from the gully into the drainage line.


We have a fixed price system that is affordable and cost-effective, offering customers in London, Hertfordshire & Middlesex a quality and efficient Drain Unblocking service. With our 24-hour emergency call-out service, you can be sure that your problem will be solved quickly and efficiently. Our engineers can clear 99% of all blockages within 1 hour of arriving on site using our expert methods and professional jetting equipment.


After the unblock has been carried out, to make sure the blockage is gone entirely, our engineer will use a CCTV drain camera to inspect the pipework where the obstruction was so that you can rest assured that the same issue won’t re-occur, and we do this free of charge.


Blocked Outside Drains

Blocked Outside Drains

Engineers Unblocking Manhole

Engineers Unblocking Manhole

Manhole Blocked with Gravel

Manhole Blocked with Gravel

High Pressure Jetting

High Pressure Jetting

99% Of Blockages Cleared within The First Hour