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CCTV Drain Survey Inspections In London & Hertfordshire

Drain 247 are specialists in CCTV drain surveys and drain inspections. With years of experience and expertise, we can carry out inspections on domestic or commercial drains and sewer drains for a wide variety of reasons, including structural damage, rat infestations, recurring blockages, bad smells, and more. An inspection will give you the diagnosis you need to solve your drainage problem.


Our Drain Survey Packages

Condition ReportComprehensive (Most Popular)
✔ Report✔ Sonar Tracing of Pipework
✔ Drainage Plan✔ Computerised Drainage Plan
✔ Video recording✔ AutoCAD Transfer
✔ Pipe Size & Direction Flow✔ Pipe Size & Direction Flow
✔ Number of Manhole✔ Depth Level of Manhole
✔ Site Measurements
✔ Video recording
✔ Images of defect found
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Why Do You Need A CCTV Drain Survey?

A blocked drain can cause disruptions to the smooth running of your home and it may also bring various health hazards. There may be a variety of reasons for a blockage occurring and unfortunately, these reasons are often apparent only when a problem has been caused.

In order to reduce the chance of potential problems from occurring, an annual survey can help you inspect your drains and identify any small problems that could later cause a costly blockage.

We have invested in the latest technology available in order to help our customers to find out exactly what’s wrong with their drains with minimal disruption. With our experienced, fully trained, and certified engineers, there’s not a problem that they can’t identify.


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CCTV Drain Inspection Cost

We have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the underground drainage system and we ensured that all of our drainage surveyors have a full clear understanding of what is required for the customer to receive a comprehensive drain inspection.

Our engineers have the equipment which allows them to produce an inspection report detailing what they have diagnosed and the cost of any repairs that may be required if found.

Drain surveys play an important part in allowing domestic property owners, builders and also architects to understand the condition and location of the drainage network.

In addition, we provide residential surveys, pre-purchase/homebuyer drain surveys as well as drain mapping services throughout London, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.


What Can You Expect?

When you call on Drain 247 to handle your drainage problem, we always aim to provide an excellent and effective service with minimal disruption. Our process is simple; a qualified domestic drainage engineer will come to your property and they can complete a drain inspection through various means, depending on your location.

The engineer may lift up the manhole cover, open up the inspection caps, or sometimes, the engineer may have to inspect the drains through the toilet. They will insert a CCTV camera into the different drain lines that serve the property to find out exactly the condition of the pipework and whether there is a problem in the underground drainage system.

This is all recorded on the camera system and from this, the drainage engineer will be able to diagnose if the drainage system is in good working order or if it requires some remedial works; all of this information will then be put together in a drain inspection report.

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Drain Survey Report – What’s Included?

After surveying all the lines, the data that was gathered is then compiled together and turned into a comprehensive report. In the report, there will be images, DVD recordings, the costs, as well as recommendations on how to fix the drainage system.

We use the latest Viewline reporting software, which is MSCC5 compliant, to supply you the most detailed and comprehensible drainage report we can provide. We will keep the cost of the survey realistic – so while no survey can claim to be cheap, it will be significant value.

Insurance companies and mortgage lenders will often require a CCTV inspection carried out by a professional drainage company such as Drain247. We can provide an MSCC5 compliant drain survey report which will satisfy all parties including solicitors for the CON29DW’s.


Our Drain Reports Include:

  • Condition Report
  • High-quality images of any defects found
  • Evidence of vermin or rat within the drainage system
  • Recommendations and cost of any remedial works needed
  • Identifying any misconnections within the drainage system
  • Whether the system is combined foul and rainwater or a separate system
  • Whether the system is private or public (owned by the local water authority)
  • Drainage map showing manhole locations, depths, direction flows and components


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