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Commercial CCTV Drain Survey



Commercial CCTV Drain Survey are becoming more common as new housing developments are being built on a daily basis due to the rising population, developers, builders, architects and surveyors or local water authority need to know the location and depth of the sewer pipes; confirming that they are in good condition and that the drainage and sewer pipe work do not pose a risk to the environment. Drain 247 is well known in the construction industry, due to the heavy demand on carrying out commercial surveys.

Our company have invested in the latest CCTV commercial surveying equipment which enables to be able to stay at the forefront of the surveys industry being able to deliver quality and accurate survey reports with AutoCAD drain mapping. Using our latest robotic Commercial CCTV drain camera, we can survey large diameter pipe works from 150mm to 4000mm, which has a long-distance range, ensuring we can survey from the smallest commercial properties to the largest industrial properties.

360 Angles Tilt-&-Pan Unit 150mm to 4000mm

The camera unit can also capture from all 360 angles as it is equipped with a tilt-and-pan feature which ensures our engineers are able to capture any and all defects and record them using the integrated Viewing software.

The information from the CCTV crawler unit is then immediately transferred to a computer or laptop, making it easier to create reports in real-time. If the survey discovers any major faults or defects within the drainage or sewer system, you are notified immediately and offered a quote and solution the problem(s).

A drainage survey reports include invert/depth levels, pipe size diameters, photographic evidence of all defects. The reports are sent out primarily via email whilst a hard copy and DVD are simultaneously sent out in the post. If requested extra copies of the report or DVD are available to be sent out.

The Commercial CCTV Drain Survey engineers have undergone training for OS19X and OS20X WRC standards and our domestic unit are also trained in using the MSCC5 reporting software from Viewing industrials.

If you need a quick response, we can dispatch a Commercial CCTV Drain Survey engineer within 48 hours of you instructing us. All our vehicles are equipped with the right tools to carry out the job.

Commercial CCTV Drain Survey Reporting software

There are two types of drains reporting software which we used the view line 550 domestic CCTV surveys which allowance engineers to be able to reproduce very easy to understand Drainage report across London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire full potential pre-purchase buyers all people wishing to build an extension, the report will give them a condition survey also it will give measurement and location index of the pipework render software for engineers can create a site plan which will show the location of the property and manhole location.

For commercial CCTV survey, we’ll use the viewing industrial reporting software which allowed the engineer should be able to survey pipework using the correct procedure and coding for commercial sewer pipe work to engineer can create reports while on site giving a real time effect being able to produce a report quickly for the client.

Builders, architects, developers, or local authorities will carry out a Pre-adoption survey when buying or taking over assets involving sewer drainage pipework. CCTV drain survey provides information that the sewer pipes are in good condition and it also confirms that the drainage sewer pipes do not pose a risk to the environment.

Push Rod Cameras 75mm to 225mm

For smaller diameter pipes, 75mm to 225mm, these are all battery operated ensuring mobility and efficiency in going around the site and time saving for the client.

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