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Drain Maintenance Plans For Home & Business Customers.

Drain Maintenance London

Protect your drains and take the necessary preventative measures. Ideally, maintenance is required periodically for drains and waste pipes in order to prevent blockages and the build up of grease, silt and scale on pipes. Build up of these substances can reduce flow and will increase the potential of drain blockages occurring leading to greater costs.


Our Drain Maintenance Solution

Drain 247 provide drain maintenance solution programmes which help reduce the risk of reduced flow and expensive blockages occurring to any of your drainage systems. We ensure that your pipe works are consistently operating to maximum potential with maximum flow.


Drain Maintenance

Drain 247 drainage maintenance services use high-pressure water jetting to:

  • Remove silt from surface water drains and pipes. soft silt from surface water drains.
  • Clear scale and build up of solid-set substances.
  • Clear any blockages in drains, sewers and stack pipes.

Drain 247’s maintenance packages also provide drain preservation services that help extend the life of your drainage. Our services include CCTV drain examination, which means we can check all of your pipe work and identify any defective or damaged pipes that could cause future problems if not resolved. We also check for gas, which means we can identify reduce the risk of any danger caused by poisonous or combustible gases such as methane or hydrogen sulphide.


Pre-Planned Drainage Maintenance

Drain 247 often undertake our pre-planned drainage maintenance for many of our commercial clients.

With pre-planned drainage maintenance, we are able to analyse and review any problems or potential issues with our clients as well as proposing solutions via specific maintenance plans. This helps them reduce any mishaps and loss of time and money due to disruption to their business and normal operations.


Reasons to have a planned maintenance plan

  • A maintenance plan helps reduce emergency plumbing which is high cost.
  • You can plan your expenditure based on what needs doing and future work.
  • It helps you to avoid health and safety issues that can arise.
  • It helps you avoid downtime from essential operation facilities like drains and toilets.
  • It helps to reduce any loss in business operation and any loss of revenue as a result.


Our Maintenance Process – Just 4 Simple Steps

Our highly skilled, experienced drain engineers visit your site and will help formulate a plan that is cost-effective and provide the best maintenance plan specific for your business and setup.

Step 1 – Inspection – Our engineers will visit your business premises and carry out an inspection.

Step 2 – Recommendations – Normally we will recommend that the pipework and drainage are initially cleaned to ensure full flow and proper working order.

Step 3 – Maintenance Package – A tailor made maintenance package is prepared to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Step 4 – Appointment – Together with you we arrange a convenient appointment where our engineers will carry out pre-planned maintenance works.


How Much Does a Drain Maintenance Plan Cost?

Each drain maintenance plan provided by Drain 247 is discussed and designed to meet our client’s specific requirements.

Please contact us or call 0800 612 8038 to discuss your requirements with us.


What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from a Drain Maintenance Plan?

Every business requires healthy sewers, drainage, toilets, and so on.  Therefore, anyone can suffer a loss in business operation time and revenue and should consider pre-planned maintenance.

Some of the common types of companies we work with include:

  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Pubs, Bars and Restaurants
  • Car Garages and Car Washes
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Rental Apartment Blocks
  • Education & University Buildings


Out of Hours and Emergency Works

We are called Drain 247, this means we are a 24/7 drainage company and we can respond and carry out work out of hours, on weekends or even at night.  This often helps avoid disruption or any loss of business during daytime and core working hours. We work to suit you.


What Maintenance Services are offered?

  • We have several drain maintenance packages available as per your requirements.
  • Our maintenance visits are often monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual.
  • Our maintenance packages often include servicing of taps, toilets, urinals, pipework and jetting of drains.
  • For larger buildings and commercial maintenance, we can service septic tanks, surface water, and foul drainage.
  • We can also cover clearance of gutters, downpipes, and soakaways if required.


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Please contact us or call 0800 612 8038 to discuss your requirements with us. We are happy to arrange and perform a FREE, no obligation visit and quotation for you.

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