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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
24hr Drainage Contractor
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    Reasons We Are The Leading Choice For Drain Mapping
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    Drainage Data Transferred to AutoCAD

    Commercial & Domestic Mapping Service

    Drain Mapping

    Drain mapping is an essential part of any proposed building work or planning application. If the drains are within 3 meters of your proposed build, certain information needs to be confirmed for your architect, builder, and developer.

    As part of the planning application, your local water authority will require you to provide the necessary information to confirm if a drainage system is located within 3 meters of your proposed build, and whether they are privately owned or public. If so, drain mapping and charting will need to be carried out to confirm the invert level depths, pipe location and dimensions, and to see how close it is to the foundation. With this information, you will be able to confirm to your architect, builder, or developer whether a build over agreement is required.

    If a build-over agreement is required, you will have to carry out a drainage inspection and supply the Local Water Authority (LWA) with a video to confirm the conditions of the pipework prior to any building work being carried out. Once all the building work has been completed, the LWA will require a second CCTV drain inspection to confirm that the drainage system has been installed correctly and that the LWA assets have not been damaged or breached in any way before they issue a sign-off completion note.

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    Drain Mapping Experts
    We Use Market Leading Technology

    Whether you have a domestic or commercial drain or sewer pipe, we can map your drains. Drain 247 are able to pinpoint any sewer, drain or culvert pipe using specialist tracing underground drains equipment to confirm the depth, direction and location and providing an accurate and detailed plan.

    Why Choose Drain 247 for Drain Mapping?

    As a leading drain mapping and charting company, we work closely with architects, developers, builders, and property owners in London and further afield to ensure that they get all the correct drainage information. This ensures that the project runs smoothly and satisfies all parties involved in the completion and sign-off. That’s why Drain 247 has become the number one choice for drain mapping services.

    The reasons why we are the number one choice are that:


    • Our competitively-priced drain mapping starts from £125.
    • Same-day or next day service is available, depending on the location and availability of engineers.
    • We can offer an express turnaround time for delivering drainage plans and condition reports.
    • We invest in our engineers to ensure that they have the correct knowledge and training to be able to deliver a high standard of service.
    • We use the latest up-to-date equipment, such as GIS, GPS, Sonde, RD8200G pipe precision locator, and iTouch CCTV equipment.
    • Our engineers are able to update existing AutoCAD plans with the new drainage data which can be sent directly from site if required.
    • Our engineers use advanced 2D and 3D mapping software to update existing architect plans or to create new plans.
    • We’re a fully accredited and insured company with £5m public liability, £2m professional indemnity, and £10m for employers.

    With years of experience in drain mapping surveys throughout London, it’s easy to see why Drain 247 has become the leading contractor in this field. Our drainage mapping services are affordable, professional and provide critical information about the locating of underground pipes. This is vital when planning and undertaking both design and construction work, so get in touch today by calling on 0800 612 8038. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Qualified Mapping Engineers

    Covering London and the surrounding areas, Drain 247 engineers are well-positioned to carry out mapping services to your area. We can confirm the drain depth, invert levels, and direction flow as well as provide an accurate and detailed plan for your building work.

    Commercial, Domestic & Industrial
    Our Drain Mapping Services
    Drain Mapping
      Are you planning a house extension or domestic building work?

      Our domestic mapping services provide you with comprehensive drainage plans and reports. Get a fixed price quote today.

    Sonde GPS
      Is your business considering new building projects?

      Our Sonde GPS mapping will help you understand exactly where all of your underground assets are located. Let's discuss your requirements today.

    Mapping & GPR
      Do you have an industrial building project planned?

      Our Ground Penetrating Radar detects all underground assets in sewage, mining, construction, water, and oil industries.

    Why Do You Need Drain Mapping?

    There are several reasons for needing your drains and sewers to be mapped correctly:

    • Avoid relying on outdated drainage plans.
    • Avoid not having the correct data for the location, depths, and directions of your drainage pipes.
    • Avoid employing the wrong contractor who uses incorrect, outdated or not calibrated equipment.
    • Avoid damage to your drainage system and the local water authority assets which can be quite costly.
    • Avoid unnecessary digging and excavation with incorrectly advised data.
    • Avoid delays and unnecessary costs to your project and planning application process.
    • Ensure that the company you employ have the right equipment to deliver the correct data.

    By hiring Drain 247, you are choosing a reputable drainage company in London that is certified by the National Drainage Association and by DrainSafe. We’re a company that has invested in the right equipment and trained personnel so that you can avoid unnecessary delays and costs to your project.

    Drain 247’s mapping service will document vital underground assets, allowing you, your architect, developer, or builder to have a better understanding of the underground drainage utility system within your project.

    Are You Planning a House Extension or Building Project? Your Architect, Builder or Developer Will Need Up-To-Date Drainage Plans

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    Engineer mapping underground sewer pipe.
    image of an engineer taking measurement
    An image of drain mapping being carried out by a member of the Drain 247 team

    Drain Mapping & Charting Services

    Drain 247 specialises in delivering sewer infrastructure mapping data of underground utilities. We provide an accurate and detailed plan of all detectable underground services. Our CCTV drain mapping surveys provide critical information on the below-ground utility locations across London and the surrounding areas.

    Drain 247’s experienced survey teams use GNSS receivers which provide 1cm accuracy on the coordinates. The handheld data unit enables the information to be uploaded to the Geographic Information System (GIS) when working on the road, highway, or onsite.

    Our drainage mapping services will provide you with an accurate plan of all foul wastewater and surface water in a given area or around the property. It’s also very important to have this information when you are considering a building or extending your property.

    Drains 247 have been carrying out Drain Mapping for over 20 years

    We are accredited by the NADC and Drain Safe to carry out comprehensive drainage mapping and commercial sewer location service.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      The price of mapping your drains depends heavily on the size and complexity of the drainage system. Smaller properties with straightforward drainage systems are likely to be more affordable, whilst larger properties and commercial premises are likely to cost more due to the amount of underground assets to map.

      At Drain 247, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer competitive prices whilst also carrying out drainage mapping services to the highest standards. Our innovative equipment enables our engineers to gather the most comprehensive data available and it gives you all of the information you need for a building project, house extension, or planning application.

      Get in touch with us to discuss your mapping needs with an expert and get a free quotation.

      Drainage mapping is the process of creating a map of the drains in an area. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as planning a construction project or investigating a drainage issue.

      To create a drain map, our mapping engineers will first identify all the drains in the area. Once all the drains have been identified, our engineers will then deploy state-of-the-art mapping equipment to trace all of the underground assets. Our drain mapping surveys are designed to be as non-intrusive as possible and can be carried out with minimal disruption to your property. We are able to do this because our processes and equipment does not require any digging or excavation which saves you time, money, and hassle.

      Our GNSS receivers also provide highly accurate information and measurements which our engineers will compile into a comprehensive drainage plan. This will give you detailed information about the drainage and utility assets that are underneath your property.

      Once the data is compiled, we’ll send the full drainage report to you.

      There are a few different ways to find the drain plans for your house. One way is to contact your local council. They should have records of all the houses in the area and their drainage systems which you may be able to send a request for.

      Another way to find your drain plans is to look online. There are a number of websites that offer downloadable plans for homes. However, these may not be accurate, so it’s always best to check with your local council first.


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