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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
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Image of the engineer carrying out a homebuyers drain survey and inspection.
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    Homebuyers Drain Survey in London

    If you’re considering buying a house, it’s important to invest in a home buyers drain survey so that you can find out the true conditions of the drains and protect yourself from inheriting someone else’s drainage problems.

    A home buyers drain survey is also commonly referred to as a ‘pre purchase drain survey’ and this is the process of using CCTV drain camera equipment to inspect and confirm the conditions of the drainage systems. This is to determine whether they are still in full working order and correctly connected. On the other hand, it may also reveal that the drainage system is not in good working condition and will require repairs to resolve the defects.

    Make sure that you’re fully aware of the conditions of the drainage systems before you commit to a property purchase so that you can avoid any nasty surprises later down the line.

    Buying A House? Avoid Inheriting Hidden Problems with Our Home Buyers Drain Survey

    Get a free quotation for a home buyers drain survey today to identify the conditions of the drains before you commit to buying.


    What Does a Home Buyers Drain Survey Include?

    At Drain 247, we take great pride in our quality of work and customer service. That’s why all our home buyers drain inspection surveys are supplied with:

    • A full written condition report
    • A drainage plan
    • Colour photographs
    • Descriptions of defects
    • Information about the depths and locations
    • Accurate measurements

    We’ll also provide DVD evidence and our experts will offer their recommendations and costs for remedial works. By obtaining this data, you can make better-informed decisions regarding the purchase of a home.

    Whether you’re based in London or any of the surrounding areas, our specialist team can carry out a pre purchase drain survey for you.

    We Use Market Leading Technology

    Make sure that the property has no underlying issues before you buy. Our pre purchase drain survey inspections utilise CCTV technology to help identify problems before they escalate into bigger problems.

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    Our Drain Surveying Services
    Home Buyers Drain Surveys
      Are you planning on buying a new house?

      Always carry out a home buyer drain survey before you buy so that you are fully aware of the conditions of the drainage systems. Get a fixed price quote here.

    CCTV Drain Surveys
      Have you experienced problems with your drains?

      Our friendly engineers provide high-quality drain surveys to identify the conditions of your drain and any potential problems that may be present. Get a free quote today.

    Build-Over Inspection Surveys
      Are you thinking about building a house extension?

      Understand your drainage systems before you carry out building works. Our engineers provide build-over inspection surveys to help you identify the underground assets.

    Qualified Drainage Surveyors In Your Area

    Our engineers are well-positioned to cover London and the surrounding areas. With the latest equipment, our specialists will capture high-resolution images of the interior of the pipework and provide a detailed easy-to-understand comprehensive report.

    Protect Yourself From Inheriting Drainage Problems When You Buy A House

    Call us today for a free no obligation quote for a home buyers drain survey.


    Why Would I Need a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

    CCTV Camera surveys these days are not only used for fault finding once a problem has been identified, it is now very common practice for potential home purchasers to request a drain survey before completing the sale. Given the potential cost of drain repairs, CCTV surveys can definitely pay for themselves many times over, especially if there is already an underlying issue with the drainage system.

    Before you commit to a significant purchase, such as buying a house, you would want to make sure that everything in and around the property is as it should be. Using CCTV drain cameras, our engineers will thoroughly inspect the drainage systems under the property and compile a comprehensive report that gives you all of the information you need as a home buyer. 

    Are The Drains In The Property Correctly Installed?

    Section 109 Water Industry Act 1991 says it’s illegal to have drains in a property connected in the wrong way. Misconnected drains were made illegal by the Environmental Act 1990 and are the responsibility of the property owner to fix.

    Checking that the drains are all properly connected before purchasing the property can potentially save you time and money in the future the home buyer drain survey report will identify any issues within the drainage system, including blockages, fractures, collapsed pipes, displaced joints, root intrusions, misconnections, or leaks that could lead to subsidence and preventing the homebuyer from inheriting problems and not breaking the law.

    Image of a drain survey in progress.
    Image of a Drain 247 engineer carrying out a homebuyers drain survey.

    Why Choose Drain 247?

    Here are some of the benefits of choosing Drain 247 for a home buyers drain survey in London and the surrounding areas:

    • Identify the drainage system ownership
    • Obtain a drainage condition report
    • Identify rat infestation within the drainage system
    • Insurance companies now require a survey
    • Identify misconnections
    • Detect faulty connections
    • Find weak points in the drain pipe
    • Find roots in the drains
    • Detect broken pipes
    • Identify if drains are leaking into the ground

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      A home buyer drain survey is an inspection of the conditions of your sewers and drains. It is useful for taking an in-depth look through the drainage systems to find problems with the drain pipework. These issues can then be brought to the property owner’s attention to further negotiate the property purchase.

      A pre purchase survey will identify all types of problems with the drains, such as leaking pipes, cracked pipes, fractures, open joints, and even root intrusions. If you’re thinking about buying a property, you’ll want to be sure that these issues are not present so that you can avoid expensive repairs.

      It’s highly recommended to get a drain survey before you fully invest in buying a property. This is so that you have a better understanding of the property to help you make informed decisions when buying. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that the drains are working as they should be with no problems.

      Pricing for a pre purchase drain survey may vary depending on the size of the property and how complex a drainage system is. Every property is different and the work required to collate the data will differ. At Drain 247, we always look to make our homebuyers report as comprehensive as possible.

      For a free quote or to discuss your requirements with a member of the Drain 247 team, get in touch with us directly.

      First, our engineers will need to locate the drainage system and then begin setting up the appropriate equipment.

      Next, our engineers will lower a CCTV camera into the drain pipe. The camera will be attached to a long cable, which they will feed down into the drain.

      Once the camera is in place, our engineers can begin operating it remotely. The camera will send live footage back to the top, allowing us to see what’s going on inside the drain.

      We use the CCTV camera to inspect the condition of the pipe, looking for any cracks or damage. We can also use it to identify blockages and build-ups of debris.

      Once we’ve completed our inspection, we simply remove the camera and cable from the drain, and we then start compiling a comprehensive drainage report with detailed information and high-quality images.

      Our engineers will also provide their expert recommendations and costings for problems they may find.


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