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Home Buyers Drain Survey

homebuyer drain survey


Homebuyers Drain Inspection

We know every minute counts when purchasing a new home or selling one so we can provide you or your mortgage provider a structural surveyor with a Home Buyers drainage report at short notice.

This can be emailed to you for quick viewing on contract exchange.

A building surveyor will carry out a full building survey to check that the property is structurally sound When it comes to the drains the surveyor that you instructed will only lift the drain covers to inspect the condition of the manhole but he or she cannot be certain of any defects within the drainage system below ground because they do not have the specialist equipment.

without a homebuyer cctv survey they could be various problems within the drainage system including blockages, bad pipe work i.e. fractures, collapsed pipes or displaced joints and root intrusions etc.

These could lead to further problems such as loss of water into the surrounding area leading to subsidence.

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Know Your Drains Before You Commit To Signing

If you do not consider a Home Buyers drain survey and problems are discovered after you bought the property, you may have difficulty in finding an insurer that will pay for the remedial work or go back to the vendor to negotiate the price for the repairs.  A home buyers survey will simply avoid these problems.

If there are any repairs found in the Home Buyers Drainage Survey report it may be possible to negotiate the cost of repair of the property purchase price.

This ensures that our engineers that attend your property to carry out the CCTV drain survey know what they are doing, which allows them to produce a detailed report using the latest drainage software from Viewline to identify faults within the drainage system.

He or she will then instruct you to get a qualified drain survey company who have the specialist CCTV equipment necessary to be able to carry out the necessary Home Buyers drain survey.

Benefits of our Home Buyers Drain Survey

  • Fixed prices
  • No call out charges
  • Drainage Report emailed for viewed on exchange
  • Vehicles have their own electricity and water equipped
  • If required, keys can be picked up from the estate agents
  • Any defects can be verbally reported at the time of the survey if requested
  • Knowledge that the system will be in good working order, giving you peace of mind
  • If manholes are accessible from outside; survey can be carried out with no one home

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Drain 247 engineers are NADC certified as they have attended and passed the necessary drain surveyor course conducted by the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC).

Drainage Reporting software

The view line 550 domestic CCTV surveys allowance engineers to be able to reproduce very easy to understand Drainage report full potential pre purchase buyers or people wishing to build an extension, the report will give them a condition survey also it will give measurement and location of the pipework for engineers can create a site plan which will show the location of the property and manhole location.

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