Our Off Mains Drainage Services for Septic Tank Installation and Maintenance and Sewage Treatment Plant Solutions

Our Off Mains Drainage and Surveying Services

Our Off Mains Drainage and Surveying service provides comprehensive solutions for properties not connected to the main sewage system. Services Offered:

Off Mains Drainage Planning and Installation:

This includes planning, design, and installation of off mains drainage systems like septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, and soakaways.

Maintenance & Repairs:

Our team is capable of providing routine maintenance and emergency repair services to keep your septic tank and sewer system functioning optimally.


Our team uses advanced technology, including CCTV surveys, to inspect and assess the condition of your off mains drainage system.

Drainage Field Design and Installation:

Based on the results of the survey, we plan, design and install effective cesspit and septic tank drainage fields that will serve your property for years to come.

Percolation Testing:

We carry out percolation tests to determine soil suitability for soakaway systems and aid in the design of appropriate drainage solutions.

Consultancy Services:

We offer expert advice to property owners about the most suitable off mains drainage solution for their needs.

Commercial Sewage Pumps

Investigate, diagnose, and resolve, Off Mains Drainage!

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of services, which starts with a comprehensive site survey and consultation, followed by a custom-tailored solution designed to meet the specific needs of your property.

We believe in keeping our clients informed at every step and ensuring minimal disruption during cesspit and septic tank installation and maintenance work.

We are committed to delivering environmentally friendly, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions.

Our team ensures compliance with all environmental and local regulations, maintaining the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a percolation test?
A percolation test is a procedure that assesses the drainage capacity of the ground where a soakaway system will be installed. It determines how quickly water can be absorbed into the soil.
What is an off mains drainage system?
An off mains drainage system is a standalone sewage treatment system used when a property isn't connected to the public sewer network. Examples of off mains systems are cesspits, septic tanks, soakaways, or package treatment plants.
How often should I have my off mains drainage system serviced?
The frequency of servicing will depend on the type of system you have installed and its usage. As a general rule, it's advisable to have your off mains drainage system serviced at least once a year.
Are Home Buyer's Drain Surveys a Worthwhile Investment?
Yes, getting a Home Buyer's Drainage Survey can be worth it, especially when purchasing a property. Here are a few reasons why:

Getting a Home Buyer's Drainage Survey is worth it when purchasing a property. It helps identify hidden issues like blockages, leaks, and pipe damage. You can estimate repair costs, plan for future maintenance, and ensure compliance with insurance and local regulations.

Ultimately, it prevents unexpected drainage problems. Despite the additional cost, it offers valuable information and helps you make informed decisions to avoid future expenses.
Do I need planning permission to install an off mains drainage system?
In most cases, you will not require planning permission. However, you will need to comply with building regulations and potentially require permission from the Environmental Agency. It's always best to check with local authorities or a professional service provider.
How environmentally friendly are off mains drainage systems?
Modern off mains drainage systems are designed to be environmentally friendly. For example, package treatment plants treat sewage to a high standard before safely discharging it to a watercourse. However, they need to be correctly installed, well maintained, and used responsibly to ensure they remain environmentally friendly.
What happens if there's a problem with my off mains drainage system?
If there's a problem, our professionals will identify the issue, suggest a solution, and carry out necessary repairs or modifications. It's essential to fix any issue promptly to prevent environmental damage or a system failure.