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    Sonde Mapping & Drain Tracing London

    Sonde drain tracing is a relatively new technology, but it has already become an essential tool for drainage engineers and other professionals who work with drains and sewers. It is a quick and easy way to locate drains and sewer lines, and it can save a lot of time and money.

    Drain 247 uses cutting-edge sonde technology to trace your underground pipework and locate the entirety of your drainage system. We provide sonde tracing and mapping service to London and further afield.

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    Using specialist sonde tracing equipment, we can pinpoint any sewer, drain or culvert pipe, no matter if they are domestic or commercial. We can accurately confirm the depths, locations, and directions of the underground assets which helps us to compile a detailed drainage plan.

    What Is Sonde Mapping?

    Drain tracing is a specialist process that requires the right knowledge in order to be carried out effectively. Sonde mapping, drain tracing, and pipe location is used for tracing your underground pipework and locating the entirety of your drainage system.

    Drain tracing relies on sending out signals from a sonde transmitter which is integrated into our CCTV camera heads where the signal is sent out from. Our drainage consultants will then be able to receive the signal through the handheld receiver above ground. With this information, our engineers will be able to pinpoint the depth and the location of the pipework.

    Qualified Mapping Engineers In Your Area

    Covering London and the surrounding areas, Drain 247 can carry out sonde tracing services in your area. We can confirm the drain depth, invert levels, and direction flow as well as providing an accurate and detailed plan for your building work.

    Commercial, Domestic & Industrial
    Our Sonde Mapping Services
    Sonde Tracing
      Are you planning on building a house extension?

      Sonde tracing is a very effective way of identifying where your drainage systems are located beneath the property and in which direction they flow. Get a comprehensive report today.

    GIS & GPS Mapping
      Looking for ways to prevent rats from entering your drains?

      Utilising the latest technology and unified data, our experienced engineers can trace and map out all of your underground drainage assets. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

    Mapping & GPR
      Do you have industrial building works or projects planned?

      Drain 247 provides ground penetrating radar mapping services that can accurately locate all of the underground assets in mining, sewage, water, oil, and construction industries.

    Save Money and Time with Sonde Tracing

    Sonde drain tracing is very useful and cost-effective for people wishing to build an extension. If a public sewer is located within three metres or a public lateral drain is within one metre of your building project, you will need to seek approval from the local authority before you carry out any work. This is also known as a build-over agreement. Sometimes, it is difficult to work out exactly where the drainage system is and in which direction they are flowing.

    Although your water authority may be able to provide you with the drainage plans, they may not be up-to-date or accurate. To ensure that you get the latest information that is reliable and accurate, you will need to carry out sonde tracing. We gather this information with a sonde tracer which is put into the pipework by our mapping survey engineers who will then feed this along the pipework.

    Our professional sonde mapping survey engineers will then mark out on the ground where the drain lines are running. We will then be able to determine the depth and direction of the foul wastewater and surface water, as well as the culvert pipework. From this information, we can produce in-depth and comprehensive reports that outline where all of your underground assets are located.

    Get The Drainage Information You Need For Your House Extension or Building Project

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    An image of drain mapping being carried out
    An image of sonde mapping being carried out in a field
    Image of a drainage engineer carrying out drain mapping.

    The Benefits of Sonde Drain Tracing

    If you’re looking to make changes to your home, architects and builders will often require drainage plans in order to understand where the pipes are beneath the property in order to avoid causing damage to the drains.

    There are instances where the drainage systems of the Water Authority (LWA) can be found running through your property. In these situations, using sonar technology is essential for avoiding damage to the LWA drainage systems. Due to its nature, sonar drain tracing is also unintrusive and can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

    At Drain 247, we have decades of experience within the mapping sector and we know that having a company that you can always rely on for sonde tracing and mapping services is important.

    Benefits of choosing Drain 247 for Sonde Tracing in London  and the surrounding areas:

    • Depths and locations
    • Up-to-date information
    • Avoid damage drains
    • Accurate site drawing
    • Identify drain blockages
    • Fully insured
    • Qualified accredited
    • Established business
    • Experienced technician
    • Accurate data delivered

    When searching for a reliable drain mapping contractor, call us on 0800 612 8038. Whether you’re planning a property extension or you are planning a build over drain survey, Drain 247 is here to help you.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      A sonde is a small, electronic device that emits radio waves. These waves are then picked up by a receiver, which allows our engineer to map the location of the drain.

      So, how accurate is sonde mapping? Sonde mapping is generally quite accurate. In most cases, the device will be able to pinpoint the location of the blockage within a few inches. In some cases, however, the accuracy can be off by a few feet, but this is usually due to factors such as metal pipes or other interference.

      At Drain 247, you can rest assured that you will be getting accurate readings as we use the latest sonde drain tracing equipment on the market. This gives us reliable and accurate data which our engineers can compile into a detailed drain plan.

      The very purpose of sonde tracing is to provide a way to measure the sizing and dimensions of a drainage system without having to carry out excavation of any sort. The sonde equipment can accurately measure through multiple layers of dirt which completely eliminates the need for digging. This means no extra costs for excavating, no disruption to your premises, and it’s a faster job.

      If you would like to speak to a member of the Drain 247 team in regards to our sonde tracing solutions, please contact us.

      At Drain 247 we are always keen to do our part in keeping the environment protected. As such, we make use of sonde tracing to carry out drain mapping; through the use of sonar, we avoid displacing dirt or any plant life that may have been growing around your property. Drain tracing sonde services are a high-tech way to map your drainage systems while also being far more environmentally friendly than alternatives available on the market.


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