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    What Is Sonar Mapping?

    Our Sonar mapping or sonar drain tracing is a technique for tracing your underground pipework and locating the entirety of your drainage system. Sonar mapping relies on sending out signals from a Sonde transmitter which is integrated into our CCTV camera heads where the signal is sent out from. Our drainage consultants will then be able to receive the signal through the handheld receiver above ground. With this information, our engineers will be able to pinpoint the depth and the location of the pipework.

    Sonar mapping is useful and cost-effective for people wishing to build an extension. Sometimes, it is difficult to work out exactly where the drainage system is and in which direction they are flowing. To gather this information, a sonar tracer is put into the pipework by our mapping survey engineers who will then feed this along the pipework.

    Our professional sewer mapping survey engineers will then mark out on the ground where the drain lines are running. We will then be able to determine the depth and direction of the foul wastewater and surface water, as well as the culvert pipework.


    Image of a Drain 247 engineer carrying out drain mapping services.

    How Much Does Sonar Mapping Cost?

    At Drain 247, we understand that every drainage system is unique. Therefore, they need to be serviced as such. We know that getting the price right is very important and in order to provide transparent prices, we offer fixed price quotes. This makes sure that all of our clients can plan ahead for our services and they won’t be surprised by any hidden costs.

    The benefits of Sonar Drain Tracing:

    ✔ Sonar enables our engineers to relay the accurate depths and locations of your underground drainage services. We can then produce detailed drainage plans.

    ✔ This technology eliminates the requirement for excavation which can help avoid accidents that could be costly, such as damaging a drain.

    ✔ Can also be used to identify drain blockages or problems within the drainage problems in a quick and effective way.

    ✔ Obtain reliable and up-to-date information about your drainage systems which can replace your old drain maps.

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    What is the Sonar Mapping Process?

    Our sonar mapping process is intricately linked to that of drain mapping. Our process begins by having expert engineers visit the property in order to determine the scale of the problem and which tools will be needed for the job.

    We will then look to map your drainage system using sonar technology. This will provide our engineers with all of the relevant information needed to understand your underground drainage network.

    In the final stage of our process, we will produce a comprehensive drainage plan which outlines any weaknesses within the system alongside any remedial work that may need doing. Our engineers are also able to provide information on how to best care for your drainage system in order to extend its lifespan and keep it functioning.


    Why Do You Need Sonar Mapping?

    Sonar drain tracing is a service designed to identify structural weaknesses or areas that may be susceptible to potential blockages within your drainage system.

    Being able to pinpoint any defects in your systems is a vital part of maintaining a healthy drainage system. Due to its nature, sonar drain tracing is also unintrusive and can be carried out quickly and efficiently. This means that we can gather information without the need for excavation.

    There are instances where the drainage systems of the Water Authority (LWA) can be found running through your property. In these situations, using sonar technology is essential for avoiding damage to the LWA drainage systems.

    If you’re looking to make changes to your home, sonar drainage mapping is an important part of the process. Architects and builders will often require drainage plans in order to understand where the pipes are beneath the property in order to avoid causing damage to the drains.

    Without this information present, they may be unable to discern where the drainage system ends and which way it flows.


    Why Choose Drain 247?

    Drain tracing is a specialist process that requires the right knowledge in order to be used effectively. At Drain 247, we have decades of experience within the mapping sector and we know that having a company that you can always rely on for mapping-related services is important.

    Whether you’re planning a property extension or you are planning a build over drain survey, Drain 247 is here to help you.


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