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How to Prevent Your Drains From Getting Blocked This Easter

Although you may not be having the celebration on Easter that you would ideally like to (due to a global pandemic). You will most likely still be feasting on an Easter dinner and therefore you will be using your sinks, toilet and other drains more often, below are a few ways on how to prevent your drains from getting blocked this Easter.



Hair is your drains’ achilleas heel! Everyone is familiar with hair stuck in their drains, it sticks in thick clumps to the surface and even deep into your drains. As a precaution for this happening to you through the Easter period, you may want to purchase a drain cover, this will tend to catch any clumps of hair, leaving your drains free to breath. You will still have to collect the damp hair yourself, which is a grotesque task itself, however this is still better than it being stuck in your drain!



During Easter, foods cooked in all types of fats are usually consumed, these also often get washed down your drains without a spare thought. This, however, can be hugely detrimental to your drainage system as the fat will tend to clog up your drains as it sticks and solidifies, meaning you may have to get your drains unblocked, which if it comes to this, our services at Drain 247 are more than prepared for this kind of job. In terms of preventing this from the beginning, the solution is to just not put fats and oils down your drains! You can instead just put them into your bin, to save yourself any problems with your drain.



Although you may think that soaps can not possibly harm your drains, this is not the case! Old fashioned, scrubbing soaps are usually fat based and because of this are a danger to your shower drain. These soaps that are fat based will, similarly to the previous point, stick and solidify in your drains, therefore creating a serious blockage in your drainage systems. This Easter, you should consider using liquid based soaps as these will glide down your drains quicker than you can say soap!


Do Not Flush Some Items Down Your Toilet 

Be sure not to flush down baby wipes and things like sanitary towels, which are much thicker and do not break down in the same way toilet paper does. It is best to dispose of these in your bin to avoid blocked pipes and drains.

If you are still having problems with blocked toilets and drains, you may need to consider the amount of toilet paper you’re using. Toilet paper blocking drains is not a common issue; however, the more you use, the more chance of a blockage.


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