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What Have Your Drains Done to You?

Damaged drains are caused through neglect of your drains and little maintenance, over time fatty foods or oil will build up forcing the drains to clog. Here at drains 247 we offer you the perfect advice and experience with our team of experts, making sure you receive a good service. Below we have come up with 5 things not to do with your drains.



Seemingly harmless stickers can cause major problems within your pipes. They may not seem like this, but even the slightest amount of glue on them can be enough to make them adhere to the insides of the drains. These can also appear with wastewater pipes and pumps, or cause problems with the drainage system when you move through your pipes, you can get them. If they somehow break through both obstacles, they will wind up in the drainage system which will affect the eco system around you.



Household products such as cleaners and kitchen oils aren’t very ideal for the drains, such contaminants may be toxic when they are combined in the water supply while they don’t usually trigger clogs. These can flush them into the stream as you clear them down the drain as domestic water system should never dispose of fluids. Finally, when converting to all-natural chemicals, stop harmful household cleaners from getting into the drainage system.



It may be last on our agenda, but this is one of the most important issues that we should discuss. A major problem is pouring paint down the drain which contains multiple toxic chemicals. Nonetheless, several towns have laws and rules on paint removal, including water and oil.

You may have to strip the paint in a hazardous waste plant depending on your location. Regulations is so strict that the colour brushes can’t even be washed out in the sink, as this could reach the water system, harming the environment around the area.



Draining medication substances or solid medication should never be poured down your drain as this is highly dangerous. This is because drainage systems can’t extract narcotics from sewage, allowing them to penetrate the atmosphere and even contribute to our drinking water. This can lead to several complications, including resistance to antibiotics.

Only by bringing leftover or defective drugs securely with your pharmacist who has access to a medical disposal unit is the path to disposing them safely.


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