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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
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13 Jan, 2022
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What Can CCTV Drain Surveys Tell You About Your Drains?

CCTV Drain Surveys are used for examining and inspecting the condition of a drainage system through the use of a closed-circuit television camera.

This technology has become invaluable in a variety of industries, but in particular, the drainage industry has seen a significant evolution in the way that we conduct drain surveys.

Traditionally, we would have to manually get into the drainage system to inspect the conditions, however, with the introduction of CCTV technology, it makes surveying underground drains, sewers, and culverts safer, quicker, and more effective.

At Drain 247, we use the latest CCTV technology to carry our drain surveys, ensuring that you get an accurate and effective inspection of your drains.

To help you understand why we may need to use these cameras, we have collated more information below to explain how the cameras work and what they can identify.

How Do CCTV Drain Inspection Cameras Work?

As previously mentioned, these inspection cameras utilize closed-circuit television technology. The device itself has two distinct features, one being a screen that allows us to see a live feed through the camera, the other being a hose with a camera inside which can be lowered into an open drainage system.

When the hose gets lowered into a drain, we can see the live footage from the camera in real-time. As the hose is further lowered into a drain, we can then see if there are any potential blockages, leaks, or other drainage-related problems.

What Issues Can These Inspection Cameras Show?

As these drain inspection cameras are small and compact, they make it possible for drainage engineers to detect problems that may be located within the sewer lines which are often buried underground.

These sewer lines may not be accessible for inspection from the outside, which is where a CCTV camera can help. With high-quality cameras, drainage engineers can easily see most damages, cracks, corrosion, and other causes of problems within drains and come up with the best solution for remediating it.

As an example, a CCTV camera could easily identify if there is a crack in the pipe which makes it easier to diagnose a problem. With accurate diagnosis, we can then come up with a suitable solution with the right tools to effectively fix problems.

How Do Drain 247 Use CCTV Drain Survey Cameras?

At Drain 247, when our experienced drainage engineers carry out a drain survey, we use the latest CCTV drainage equipment to provide a consistent, reliable, and effective drain inspection service.

With live video footage, we can easily see if there are any physical issues affecting the pipes. After the drain inspection is complete, our expert engineers will compile an optional comprehensive CCTV survey report which includes a full condition report, computerized drainage plan, video recordings, recommendations for remediations, and more.

Contact Drain 247 for CCTV Drain Surveys in London & Hertfordshire

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