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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
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13 Jan, 2022
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What Causes Blocked Shower Drains?

Have you ever wondered why your shower block or drain away slowly. Blockages in your shower pipes and u-bends can later cause bigger blockages in your drainage system. The blockages can be the result of many different things such as soap, hair and debris. These things can slow draining down and give off horrid odours. The most common cause of all blockages in shower or sink is washing long hair or facial beards after heavy shaving being the most popular causes of as they wrap around u-bends and clumps get stuck in fiddley areas of the drainage system, making it difficult to relieve it..

Build-Up of Hair

It is common that people with long hair are prone to blocked shower pipework and u-bends. If you’re reading this and have long hair, you probably feel the pain of having hair stuck inside your shower drain. A build-up of hair is the most common causes of your drain being blocked in the shower. This can be simply reduced by applying a cover over the plughole, so only water can get through.

Soap Bars

Another common cause of a shower drain blockage are traditional bars of soap. When you look traditional soap bar packages, the ingredients often mention sort of fat being included which in turn can lead to grease build up. Fat and grease build up in the lining of the shower drain can reduce reduce the water flow and later result in blockages.

Pipes Collecting Dirt

Dirt is naturally built up in the shower over time, particularly if you have a house full of people. It doesn’t often occur to people that they should think about washing the dirt away. Dirt usually builds up in the shower’s drain pipes sticking to the edges of a pipe which can result in a blocked shower drain. As soon you realise there is a blockage, you must act quickly because blockages often get worse over time and can cause further drainage issues.

Fighting Back

There are a couple of ways to fix shower pipework and drainage blockages before you jump to conclusions:

  1. Baking Soda and White Vinegar

By pouring half a cup of baking soda then immediately after half a cup white vinegar, this concoction creates a fizzing that will help clear blockage. If you follow this by pouring boiling water down the shower drain to wash away any residue.

  1. Removal by Hand

If you can locate the blockage, it can often be easier to use your hand to attend to the blocked shower drain. If you can gain access to reach in, you can pull the blocked item out of the shower drain. This will need to be done with rubber gloves and a torch so you can see what you’re doing.

  1. Get the Professionals In!

Unblocking drains is never be an enjoyable experience for anyone due to the horrible debris and nasty odours. If you’re not able to resolve your blocked shower drain problem then it may be worth getting drainage professional in who have experience in unblocking shower drains and pipework.

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