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Before you commit to buying a home, there are important drainage checks that you need to carry out to identify the condition of the home and its drains. More home buyers are now recognising the importance of a home buyer’s drain survey as it can help identify and resolve problems before they escalate into bigger problems.

If you are a first-time buyer, then you may want to consider getting a professional drainage company to take care of the inspection for you. Drainage companies can offer a home buyer’s drain survey which can identify any issues within the drainage system, including blockages, fractures, displaced joints, overgrown tree roots, collapsed pipes, and any leaks that might lead to subsidence.

If you decide to use a home buyer’s building surveyor, then they will only lift the drain covers to inspect the condition of the manhole. Whereas, compared to a specialist drainage company, they will use the necessary equipment and their expertise to identify any problems.

To help you make an informed decision when choosing a property to buy, we have collated the essential drainage checks that you should carry out on the potential home before buying.

With a water and drainage search, your solicitor will submit an application to the local water board to find out more information about the sewerage systems and water supply to a property. The information is gathered to identify the following:

  • Where the connections are to the mains water
  • If there are any connections to the mains sewer.
  • The locations of the sewers and the water supplies.
  • The water and sewerage undertakers.

The reason why you need a water and drainage search is to identify if the property is connected to a mains water and if it is, then you need to know who the supplier is. It’s important to know this information as the new property might not be connected to the public mains water and you might also be responsible for managing your own sewage and wastewater disposal.

By using a water and drainage search, it can provide you with useful information about your sewerage and water supply to help you make informed decisions when deciding to buy the property. With this information, you will also be able to find out if the property is measured on a meter and how it is charged for water and wastewater services.

Drainage Problems

One of the main drainage checks that should be carried out is the inspection of the drainage system. Some drain problems might be relatively simple to fix, such as a build-up of dirt or debris that simply needs a rod to push the blockage to clear it. However, there are also other drainage problems that might be more difficult to fix, such as a cracked drain or an overgrowing tree root. Blockages and cracks can often lead to a leaking drain which could contribute to subsidence.

Before you buy a property, you would want to know about the conditions of your drains so that there won’t be any additional costs for fixing the drainage system when you buy the home.

At Drain 247, our expert drainage engineers can fully inspect the drains with a CCTV drain survey. Using CCTV technology, we can map out the property’s drains and provide recommendations for remediation works if we find that there is a problem with the drains.

Subsidence Check

Checking for subsidence is one of the important checks that need to be carried out before settling on buying the property, especially if it is an older house. Although Subsidence isn’t strictly a drainage check, leaking drains and pipes are one of the highest causes of subsidence, which is why it’s important to inspect the drains before buying a home.

Subsidence is a specific issue that occurs when the ground beneath the house begins to sink or collapse while taking some of the property’s foundations with it. This would often result in more strain being placed on the home’s structure.

A home buyer’s report or survey will be able to identify if there are risks of subsidence in the house. The valuation survey from your lender will not identify if the property is at risk of subsidence, so it’s important to get an independent surveyor to carry out the check.

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