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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
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16 Oct, 2019
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What’s Unblocktober – A Month To Save Our Sewers & Seas

What is Unblocktober?

Unblocktober is a month dedicated to improving the welfare of our sewers, drainage systems, and seas. It’s a month where we as a community must become more aware and responsible for what we are spilling down the drains and sinks, flushing down toilets and leaving behind in the oceans to float away.

Considering the current state of our environment, it is evident that our actions are taking a huge toll on the ecosystem. Take for instance global warming – due to this, we have arrived at natural resource depletion. The consumption of fossil fuels results in the emission of greenhouse gasses, also contributing to climate change. Although we have systems introduced to improve and hopefully eradicate these issues, such as using solar energy and wind turbines, the cost of installing the infrastructure and maintaining those resources have plunged in the past couple of years. Which is why this campaign is hoping to help by starting at home. Everything we do has an impact on something or someone, and what we are placing down our drains and toilets having an impact on the bigger picture.


Why should you get involved?

The more we throw inappropriate products down the drains and sewers, the more blocked up they’re becoming. The long-term effect of this is ineffective drain and sewer services, which in turn comes back around on the people not being able to use these services as effectively as before.

  • Each year more than 8,000,000 tonnes of plastic are dumped into oceans – the result of doing can be seen through danger on sea life and the tourist industry with beach locations.
  • 48% of the nation flush wet wipes down the toilet as well as 180,000,000 cotton buds.
  • 48% of the nation pour fats, oils, and grease down the drains. – when they harden up, they create blockages by sticking to the lining of the drainpipes, therefore, restricting the flow of wastewater. This then contributes to pollution in streams and rivers when they enter through rainwater pipes or gullies.
  • 200,000 sewer blockages throughout the UK every year of which up to 75% are caused by fat, oil, and grease.

The leakage of human waste into water supplies can be hazardous to not only wildlife who consume it but humans too. The waste carries bacteria that are then being carried back in your homes to be consumed, which can lead to infections and cause of disease.


Future Impact

The cost of cleaning out all the blocked drains can amount to millions of pounds a year – not just for companies to pay up, but also through customer bills. This issue does not only affect the public but can have potentially more cost significant impacts on businesses. Blocked drainage can result in extra costs being induced for clean-up efforts, an area that shouldn’t require as much attention as it now must receive due to carelessness. Physical effects can include odour, rat infestations and sewer flooding near the site. However, taking part in Unblocktober and taking the campaign through to become a constant housekeeping aspect of either your business or life can lead to lower bills and less negative effects on the environment.


How can you get involved?

Getting involved in Unblocktober is simple. All you need to do is be more cautious about what you are putting where. Cleaner drains and sewers lead to cleaner oceans and drinking supplies. For example:

  • When you are finished with your dishes, give them a quick scrape off into the bin and then proceed to wash.
  • Instead of pouring left overused oil down the drain, collect it in a secure container to dispose of at your local recycling centre. If not, once cooled, put it in your freezer and then dispose of it in the bin after once solidified.


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