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If you’re considering building a property extension or a new property build, then there are a few key elements that you need to take into consideration.

Sewers and drains are often found near private properties or sometimes they could even be located underneath buildings. As such, it’s important to find out if your project will be affecting any of the surrounding sewer or drainage systems.

These types of building works may affect the sewers in multiple ways, such as potentially causing damage, blocking access to the sewers for future maintenance, and other problems.

When you present your building plans to an architect or a building developer, they may need you to conduct a drain survey to identify the locations of any existing pipework that is underneath the property.

Although architects and building developers may be able to construct and design detailed building plans, they won’t be able to find out information about existing sewers beneath the property or location.

At Drain 247, we can help you conduct a inspection drain survey and mapping. With years of experience in providing domestic and commercial surveys, our drainage engineers can provide a comprehensive drain inspection that is MSCC5 compliant.

Drainage Inspection for Architects & Building Developers

In order to find out if your new build project will encounter any problems with sewers or drains, you will need to carry out a drainage camera inspection.

Drain surveys are essential for allowing property owners, architects, and builders to understand the location and condition of the drainage system.

Traditionally, the inspection of drains would have required excavation and this means that an engineer would need to carry out the surveys manually by getting into the pipes.

As Drain 247 uses the latest drainage equipment, we are able to take advantage of camera technology and carry out inspections of drains effectively and efficiently, all without any need of excavation works. We feed a sewer camera through the drainage network which will record high-quality images of the conditions and locations of the pipes.

From this data, our experienced and qualified engineers will be able to create a comprehensive drainage report to help your architect or building developer.

Our MSCC5-compliant drain survey report will satisfy all parties including solicitors for the CON29DW’s.

Approval for Building Over or Close to a Public Sewer

One of the most common problems that occur with small build projects, is that people often fail to check if there are sewers or drains underneath the build location.

According to the Building Regulations, you are required to obtain approval from the relevant water authority if the building work is within 3m of a public sewer or within 1m of a public lateral drain.

You may need to obtain planning permission or building regulations approval from your local authority.

To apply for approval, you can read our blog post here for more information.

Drain surveys are one of the essential parts of a building project as they can help identify where an existing sewer system is located and where the access points are.

When you work with your architect to produce building plans, you may need to incorporate or relocate access points of the sewer into your design.

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