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13 Jan, 2022
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Why Do You Need Sewer Drain Cleaning?

There are things that can go wrong with a property and sometimes these problems could not have been foreseen by anyone, which is quite common for your sewer lines. The sewer drains are beneath your property which means that they are always hidden from sight and it can be quite difficult to detect or recognise if there is a potential problem with your sewer drains.

When it comes to your sewer lines, it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive as a neglected sewer line could lead to potential damages and expensive repair costs. Therefore, it’s important to have at least some knowledge about your sewer drains so you can be prepared and know what to do in the event of a situation with your sewers.

Learning about your sewer lines and knowing how to react to a situation could potentially save you time and money. In this article, we will be explaining why you need sewer drain cleaning and how it can help prevent major problems in the future.

Potential Problems Of Not Cleaning Your Sewers

A clog in your sewer drains could cause bigger problems in your property as when clogging occurs, it effectively blocks off the pipe. This means that the waste and liquid that flows through the pipes have nowhere to go and this could cause a backup of waste in your home.

Although most of the time, a clogged sewer drain is caused by a dirty pipe, they are also sometimes caused by other factors, such as:

Oils & Grease – Used oil and grease are a couple of the major causes of pipe blockages. Homeowners don’t often think about what they are putting down their sink which leads to blockages that could have been prevented. Old and used grease can eventually solidify in the pipes and if a large amount of grease has been poured down, it can create a blockage that can be quite difficult to remove without specialist equipment, such as drain jets.

Overgrown Tree Roots – Although these situations can be quite unpredictable, tree roots can penetrate the pipes and continue to grow inside until they completely fill the pipes. This then creates a serious blockage and it could cause damage or even completely break the pipes.

Sewer Line Belly – Bellied pipes are when there are sags or low spots in the sewage pipes. The reason this causes a blockage is that it restricts the normal flow of liquid through the sewer pipes. These sags may occur when parts of the pipe begin to slope downwards which makes the soil around the pipe unstable. Over a period of time, the sloping part of the pipe will have accumulated waste to the point where it can actually turn into a blockage.

Regular cleaning and inspections of your sewer drain mean that you will be able to identify any potential blockages early on. At Drain 247, we provide sewer cleaning services to help you maintain your sewers and keep everything running smoothly.

The Warning Signs Of A Clogged Sewer Drain

If you think your sewer drains might be having problems, then you should keep an eye out for some of the telling signs that might indicate there is an issue with your sewers. These are common side effects of a sewage problem and if you do notice any of these signs, it might be worth getting your pipes inspected to avoid potential problems.

Here are some of the signs you should look out for:

  • • If you see waste or sewage being backed up into your drain or toilet.

  • • There is water around the floor of the drain.

  • • You experience reoccurring clogs.

  • • The liquid is draining slowly.

  • • You notice bad odors from your drains or sewage.

  • • There are gurgling sounds coming from the sewage pipes.

When Should You Clean Your Sewer Drains?

Cleaning your sewer lines should be done at least once every two years in order to keep them maintained and working as intended. If you do experience issues with your sewers more often, then you may need to get a drain specialist to take a look at your sewer drains.

Drainage specialists can use CCTV surveying equipment to visually inspect the conditions of your pipes so they can identify exactly what’s causing the reoccurring blockages.

If you need a professional drainage company to take care of your sewer drains, then get in touch with us at Drain 247. We have years of experience in serving domestic and commercial properties in London.

Contact Drain 247 for Sewer Cleaning in London & Hertfordshire

If you require sewer cleaning or sewer maintenance, then please contact our drainage experts.

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