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Kinetic House, Theobald Street, Borehamwood, England, WD6 4PJ
24hr Drainage & Environmental Specialists
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23 Mar, 2021
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Why Is Regular Drain Cleaning Important?

You may think regular drain cleaning is a waste of time and money, however this is far from the truth. Frequent drain cleaning is very important and maintaining your drain is far more necessary than you may have originally thought. Below are a few factors to consider when cleaning your drain.


Should You Clean Your Drain Often?

Maintenance duties are important when keeping your drains in the best condition. There are many different households, with many different drainage systems. For the most part, yearly maintenance is recommended for whatever size household. It is a good idea to consult a drainage specialist like our engineers at Drain 247 about cleaning your drains. Our engineers can  recommend a bespoke drain cleaning schedule based on your usage.


Is Regular Drain Cleaning Cost Effective?

Regular drain maintenance is a lot more affordable than you may think, we at Drain 247 guarantee to unblock your sewer drains and pipework at a fixed price and with our fleet of well-equipped vehicles, we are suited to unblock drains and clean sewers in one visit. Whether you are a private property or a business, we are happy to provide this service and ensure you receive the fairest price


How You Can Keep On Top Of Your Drains

After one of our engineers at Drain 247 have finished professionally cleaning your drains it is important that you keep on top of them. Taking these pre-emptive maintenance steps and investing the right time and money in regular drain cleaning and drain unblocking services like ours at Drain 247 can help prevent major issues. 

Allowing your drains to block up over time may cause irreversible damage to your pipes so once again it is vital that you are maintaining a healthy drain, there are many ways you can maintain and keep on top of things to ensure these problems do not re-emerge, these include:


  • Analysing your drain covers in your sink every few weeks for any hair or soap build-up or other possible substances that have started to accumulate.
  • Taking caution to what you put down your sink, toilet, and shower drain, you should invest in shower covers to keep out any unwanted hair.
  • Running hot water down your drains on a weekly basis to clear any  possible build-up of hair or soap that could possibly be lurking in your drains.
  • Seize from putting any chemical cleaners down the drain as they can cause issues with your entire drainage system!

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