A picture of a CCTV drain survey equipment with a safety barrier next to a manhole.
Welcome to the ultimate guide for finding the best drain survey services in London.
In this article, we will explore what a drainage survey is, its benefits, the different types, how to choose a professional service, cost considerations, tips for choosing the right professional, and some common questions about pipeline investigations.
By the end of this article, you will be equipped with all the knowledge to pick the most suitable service provider for your needs.


A pipeline video inspection is a method used to inspect, diagnose, and resolve issues with drainage systems. This technology involves the use of a remotely operated camera system that can be inserted into the drainage pipes to provide a real-time view of the internal conditions.
The recorded footage helps professionals to accurately identify problems such as blockages, leakages, structural damage, and more, without the need for invasive excavation.
Pipe system examination have become an essential part of maintaining and repairing drainage systems in London. They are not only used by homeowners and businesses experiencing drainage issues, but also by property buyers and sellers to ensure a thorough inspection before any transactions take place.
Furthermore, these surveys enable local authorities, utility companies, and construction firms to properly plan and execute piping installations or renovations.

What is a Underground Drain Inspection?

A drainage pipeline survey is an advanced method of inspecting and diagnosing issues within a drainage system. The process involves inserting a camera attached to a cable or mounted on a robotic crawler into the drain, allowing the operator to view and record the internal condition of the pipes in real-time.
This technology enables professionals to spot issues such as blockages, leaks, and structural damage accurately and quickly, without the need for disruptive excavation work.
  • Sewer pipe camera scan are fast, efficient, and non-invasive.
  • They help to identify the root cause of a drainage issue.
  • The footage can be used to plan and execute precise remedial works.

Benefits of Using Video Drainage Assessment

Using pipe network inspection offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. Accurate diagnosis: With a clear and detailed view of the internal condition of the pipes, professionals can accurately identify the root cause of a drainage issue.
  2. Non-invasive inspection: As there is no need for excavation or demolition work, the process is much less disruptive and time-consuming than traditional methods.
  3. Cost-effective solution: By identifying the precise location and cause of an issue, professionals can develop a targeted remedial plan that is more efficient and less expensive than trial-and-error approaches.

The Different Types of Subsurface Drain Survey

These are often requested by homebuyers or sellers to ensure the drainage system is in good condition before a property is bought or sold.

Similar to pre-purchase surveys, but specifically tailored for homebuyers who want an assessment of the property’s drainage system before completing their purchase.

Required by local authorities or utility companies when planning new construction projects or extensions to ensure that existing drainage systems are not compromised.

How to Choose a London Professional Video Pipe Inspection Service

When looking for a professional drain camera inspection service in London, consider the following factors:

  1. Experience and expertise: Ensure that the company has a proven track record with years of experience working on a wide range of drainage systems.
  2. Accreditation and certification: Choose a company that holds relevant industry accreditations and certifications,
  3. Customer reviews and testimonials: Check online reviews from previous clients to gain insights into the company’s reputation and service quality.

Top Domestic and Commercial Sewer Line Inspection in London

  1. Drain 247: With over 20 years of industry experience, Drain 247 offers a comprehensive range of drainage system evaluation services for both residential and commercial clients.
  2. RWB Group: Accredited by the NADC and WJA, RWB Group takes pride in providing top-notch underground drain survey services nationwide.
  3. Bell Drains: Known for their fast response times and competitive pricing, Bell Drains has built a solid reputation as a reliable sewage pipe examination provider in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Cost Considerations for Pipe Condition Assessment

The cost of a drain network inspection in London may vary depending on several factors, such as:

  1. The size and complexity of the drainage system: Larger or more complicated systems may require more time and equipment to inspect, resulting in higher costs.
  2. Accessibility: If the drainage system is difficult to access, additional equipment or personnel may be needed, increasing the overall cost.
  3. The type of survey required: Specific types of surveys, such as pre-purchase or build over, may incur additional costs due to the additional reporting and documentation involved.

Tips for Choosing the Right Drain Survey Company

To ensure you choose the right professional for your sewer camera survey, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Obtain multiple quotes: Get at least three quotes from different drain survey companies to compare pricing, services, and expertise.
  2. Ask for references: Request contact information for previous clients who can provide feedback on the company’s performance and service quality.
  3. Verify qualifications: Check the company’s qualifications, certifications, and accreditations to ensure they are qualified to carry out the drainage pipeline evaluation.

Common Questions about Pipeline Video Inspection

  1. How long does a drainage channel examination take to complete?
    • This depends on the size and complexity of the drainage system, as well as the accessibility of the pipes. On average, a survey can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the number of manholes and outlets.
  2. Can a sewer pipe check-up detect all types of issues?
    • While a drain line visual inspection is highly effective at identifying most common drainage issues, such as blockages and leaks, it may not be able to detect certain problems like water infiltration or root ingress without additional testing.
  3. What happens after the sewer camera inspection is complete?
    • The footage from the survey will be reviewed and analysed by the professional drainage survey engineer to determine the conditions, locations, and ownership, and recommend any remedial works to be carried out, if they are highlighted in the report.