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CCTV Survey technology is ever changing, our company have invested in obtaining the latest CCTV surveying equipment available to be able to stay at the forefront of our surveying industry. We have the capability to be able to carry out Commercial CCTV Drain Survey, GPS mapping, Ground Penetrating Radars, Drain and Sewer Location Mapping, and many more plus we also carry out Domestic CCTV Surveys. 

The information from the various surveying units are then immediately transferred to a computer, making it easier to create reports and send to the client in real-time. We welcome new enquiries from residential, commercial, building developers, architects, highway, rail, leisure complex etc. Information on prices of various types of surveying techniques and availability times; contact us on 0800 612  8038 or email

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For smaller domestic diameter pipes, our flexible Vivax push rod cameras can survey from 75mm to 225mm, these are all battery operated ensuring mobility and efficiency in going around the site and time saving for the client. include invert/depth levels, pipe size diameters, photographic evidence Our cameras are all cordless and battery-operated camera units which are ideal for getting around domestic properties.

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The Commercial CCTV Drain Survey robotic CCTV crawler camera system can travel long distances up to 350 meters in one run. the camera unit can survey Commercial large diameter sewer pipe works from 150mm up to 4000mm. The tilt and pan feature allows our engineers to view the pipework in 360 degrees, this ensures that all defects are recorded onto the Wincan or Viewline Industrial software.


Drain 247 offers drain surveys that are affordable, cost effective with a guarantee fixed price. We cover all types of CCTV drain surveys, both domestic and commercial. We cover the whole of London, Herts and Middlesex and can book you in within 48 hours of receiving your instruction

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  • Same Day or Next Day Service 
  • Low fixed prices No call out-charges
  • Can pick up keys from local estate agents if required
  • Report emailed for quick viewing on contract exchange
  • Our engineers can carry out the survey with no one at home
  • Access inside not needed as long as manholes accessible outside
  • Our vehicles are all equipped with their own electric and water
  • Peace of mind knowing that the drainage system is in good working order
  • A verbal report of any problems detected given if requested at the time of inspection

Home Buyers or Pre-Purchase CCTV Drain Survey

The last thing that crosses your mind when having a survey carried out are the drains. A majority of people will hire a surveyor to carry out a full assessment of their property; but for the lowest price they can get.

Compared to today, the process back then was simple,a surveyor arrives, carries out an inspection of the property and give you a report. With more and more exclusions on any official paperwork than inclusions. The surveyor is likely to add disclaimers on what he or she can actually inspect, increasing the need for a survey report.

The surveyor will instruct you to hire a company who have the right equipment to carry out a survey and produce a drain report which will identify any defects within the drainage pipework.  The drainage report will also identify if the property drainage system is: private, public or shared. 

Illegal Drain Connections

A misconnected drain is a result of poor quality building work and plumbing mistakes. This can have a devastating impact on the drainage network.

The foul water sewer takes waste water from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens to sewage works for treatment. The surface water sewer takes rainwater send it to a local water network. If your property has waste water pipes going to a surface water sewer intended for rainwater only, it will cause pollution. This is a misconnection and you need to put it right as soon as possible. The CCTV drain survey report produced by our engineers will be able to identify if there are any illegal misconnection.

Party Wall CCTV Drain Survey

If you and your neighbour are considering having any alterations done to your homes; your structural engineer can instruct you to have a party wall survey carried out. As part of this, you will need to have the drains checked to ensure that there are no damages to the drainage pipework between the two properties.

Having a party wall cctv drain survey will confirm the condition of the drainage system before and after building works have finished. If there are any evidence of any defects within the drain pipe work a party wall drain survey will confirm this. This is why it’s good to have a drain survey carried out to avoid the blame for damages which may have already existed before the start of the building work.

Structural Drain Surveys

Have you got concerns about the infrastructure of your property? Noticing cracks appearing in the wall? Pathways and driveway lifting up? Or windows and doors not shutting properly? These are all signs that your property may be suffering from structural problem. One of the most common effects is the drainage system suffers from fractured pipes, collapsed pipes, root intrusions or displaced joints. Having a CCTV survey carried out will determine if it is the drainage system causing the problem to your property.

Building Over or Close To A Public Sewer

Are you considering altering the structure of your existing property by making it wider/longer? The water authority will request you to carry out a survey inspection to confirm the position of the sewer pipes. If it is found that the sewer pipes are close to the proposed foundation work (within 3 meters); you will have to apply and pay for a build over agreement. The cost of the agreement varies from each water authority.

You cannot carry out any building work until you have confirmed the location of the sewer pipes. If you decide to not apply and just build; then you may not get the required building regulations certificate that signs off your building as completed from your local authority. The absence of a certificate could cause problems when trying to sell the property in the future. The absence of a certificate could cause problems when trying to sell the property in the future.

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