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Drain 24/7 carry out many  culvert cleaning service...

That is affordable and cost effective, with no call out charges no hidden extras being added to your invoice. A blocked culvert problem Could be caused by a number of factors, but whatever is causing the blockage. Our high strength and powerful culvert cleaning tools cure the problem quickly, accurately and with a minimum of mess all areas covered Including London, Hertfordshire, and Middlesex.


We Guarantee To Keep Our Culvert Cleaning Prices Low And Competitive

– Guaranteed Fixed Prices on All Our Services

– No Call Out Charge or Hidden Extras Added

What Drainage Services We Do:

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Culvert Cleaning, Fixed Price, Guarantee Satisfaction


Drain 24/7 uses water that is pressurised by one of our truck mounted pumps. This water flushes the debris from your system using our specially designed cleaning heads. The most efficient and cost effective method is to clean the culvert using a High Pressure Jetting Units.

The jets of water open up the culvert to its full bore removing any deposits that have built up and restoring the drain to its original condition. When a culvert becomes blocked and stops working, you need the problem solved quickly & efficiently at a fair price. We guarantee to give you a fair prices to unblock your blocked culvert pipe.

Why Choose Us

Drain 247 has always been clear, upfront and honest about their prices and will always ensure that the customer is fully aware of our fixed prices with no hidden extras such as parking, travelling time, petrol or congestion charge being added to their invoice. Drain 247 will always show the customer the exact price they are going to pay for the service they are expecting plus a description of work to be carried out.

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No Call Out Charges


We operate a fleet of multi equipped culvert cleaning vehicles fully equipped with the latest drain jetting equipment which enables us to survey and clean pipes as small as 75mm diameter up to the largest of culverts in one visit. A blockage in your culvert is an unpleasant emergency and one that can be made worse if you do not know what to do. The first point to note is that may be blocked before you are fully aware of this.If you see that the water level in the culvert is higher than normal or that the water takes a considerable time to flow away you should follow the following tips to avoid a major flood.