Drain Repair

We carry out all types of drain repair on all domestic and commercial properties. We know how important it is to get your drain problems resolved quick; we offer a fast response service to dispatching a team out to your property. We can dispatch our engineers across the whole of London, Middlesex & Hertfordshire to carry out an emergency drain repair.

We try to always be friendly, helpful and clear in the prices we charge!

Drain Pipe Excavation

Drain 247 have the experience to replace any drainage pipework which is beyond an insitu repair. Whether for an access point or for a complete new system we can handle any job large or small.

Drain Relining

We bring a high standard of quality, safety and integrity to the relining industry. We have the capability of lining pipes with diameters ranging from 75mm to 450mm. A range of lining options are available to suit different applications. This includes both ambient and thermally cured systems.

Drain 24/7, approved installers and offers a cured-in-place, relining process

Drain 247 provides pipe lining to repair damaged drains without the hassle of excavation. Tree roots, broken pipes, and ground water leaking into the pipe are usually the cause of the damages.

Patch liners; used to repair localized damage where full end-to-end lining would be unnecessary.

The patch gets put in place through an inflatable ‘bladder’, guided by a drain camera to the area of the damage. After the ‘bladder’ is in the area, it gets inflated to press the patch onto the pipe work. The pressure’s maintained until the patch has cured. The bladder is then deflated and withdrawn.

Patch liners are becoming popular for dealing with isolated defects. It offers a cost-effective alternative to a full liner or other repair.

We Operate a Fleet of  Drain Inspection Vehicles

Equipped with the latest equipment and digital technology, our engineers are able to repair pipes from 75mm diameter in one visit. A Structural Surveyor may instruct you to get a qualified CCTV drain survey company to carry out the CCTV drain survey if he suspects that there maybe  structural damage to the drainage system.

We can dispatch Drainage Engineers…

Across the whole of London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, and Bedfordshire to carry out your Drain Repair Service. Most domestic & Commercial blockages in sinks, toilets and drains are caused by a build up of soap, fat, grease and scale that have built up over the years and requires the use of high pressure jetting equipment to remove the blockage.

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