Water Pipe Repair

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Water Pipe Repair

Drain 247 have invested in the latest molding equipment. This doesn’t disturb the existing surfaces. Which saves the customer the inconvenience of an excavated ground.

All our water pipe repair works are guaranteed for 10 years and come with a WIAPS approved certificate of installation.

Leak Detection

Drain 247 offers a Leak Detection Services that is affordable with guaranteed fixed prices to ensure your peace of mind. We have a no call out charge policy, this means no extras are added to your final invoice.

Moling Water Pipe

For the installation, repair and/or renewal of water pipes in a cost-effective manner, book our moling service today. The use of moling technology replaces open cut trenches. An impact mole service; an air-driven device that’s positioned lying down.  From this position, the moler, makes its way to a receiving pit. This method allows our engineers to install new MDPE water pipes immediately.

Water Pipe Replacement

You should replace your old water pipes as soon as possible to reduce the risk of drinking contaminated water. The longer you take to replace your pipes to blue poly MDPE pipes, the higher the chance of contamination is. When replacing the lead pipes, it is better to replace the pipe on both sides; this ensures that your water, both drinking and cooking, is safe for your family.

How Do I Know How Much Pipe Work I Need To Replace?

The best way is to measure in meters. The distance from your property boundary line next to the pavement (Point A). Down to the internal stopcock inside your property (Point B). The length you measured will be use as an sign of the amount of pipework you need to replace.

Avoid Health Hazards

Was your property built around the 1950’s or 60’s? If so, the water pipes serving your property is more likely to be lead rather than blue MDPE pipes. Lead pipes are hazardous to yourself as it can mix in with the water passing through them, and the longer these pipes are left in there, the higher your chance of contamination is. To resolve this you can either install a filter for cooking and drinking water to avoid water mixed with lead or alternatively you can replace the pipes with the new blue poly MDPE water pipes.

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