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    Sewer Cleaning Services from Drain 247

    At Drain 247 we know the importance of resolving sewer issues as fast as possible. Our experienced, licensed, and insured sewer engineers can diagnose and resolve your sewer issues with long-lasting effects. Our sewer unblocking and sewer cleaning services have a rapid response time and we provide a 24-hour emergency line.

    Other Types of Cleaning Services Undertaken

    • Gully Cleaning
    • Culvert Cleaning
    • Septic Tank Emptying
    • Sewer Mapping & Charting


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    Our sewer cleaning engineers use proven methods and the latest equipment, including high-pressure mechanical sewer cleaning jets. Typically, the best method to clean your sewers is through the use of high-pressure water jetting. The jets of water remove built-up deposits on the pipework and restores the sewer pipe to a free-flowing condition.

    Drain 247 fleet also includes heavy tank units which are ideal for large sewer pipes and culverts. These tankers have the capability to remove waste water and debris using a vacuum unit, preventing any cross-contamination, and ensuring minimal disruption.

    When the sewer system gets blocked, it stops everything from drains, toilets, and sinks from working properly; once this occurs, you will need the problem solved as quickly as possible at an affordable fixed price but remaining at a high standard of work.


    • Fixed Price
    • Free Estimate
    • No Callout Charge
    • Fully Licensed & Insured
    • 24 Hour Emergency Service
    • 30 Day Guarantee On Unblocks

    Types Of Sewer Cleaning We Provide

    • Sewer Jetting
    • Tanker Jetting
    • Tanker Sucking
    • Sewer Unblocking
    • Sewer Pipe Maintenance
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    No Hidden Extras or Call Out Charges

    Drain 247 guarantees to unblock your sewer drains and pipework at a fixed price and with our fleet of well-equipped vehicles, we are suited to unblock drains and clean sewers in one visit.

    99% of Blocked Sewers Cleared Within One Hour

    Drain 247 has always had an open and truthful policy regarding prices, we make sure all our customers are aware of what they are paying for; we inform them about our fixed prices and assure them that no extras shall be added to the final price without their consent and knowledge. We will always ensure that we are never beaten on price or the quality of our sewer cleaning services.

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    If you require any more information or have any queries regarding sewer cleaning or blocked sewers and what to do, then please contact our drainage experts. Call us on 0800 612 8038 or you can complete our quick enquiry form to get your free, no-obligation quote