A picture of a drainage engineer carrying out a drain inspection at a residential property.
Drainage problems can be a major headache for property owners, leading to issues such as flooding, foul odours, and health risks.
To combat these problems, many people are turning to a combination of drain jetting and CCTV surveying to not only identify the root cause of their drainage issues, but also to clear away any blockages and debris.
In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of combining these two methods, highlighting the cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved drainage that can be achieved.
Additionally, we’ll look at some examples of how this combination has benefited both residential and commercial properties, and discuss safety considerations when undertaking these tasks.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Clean Drains?

The importance of maintaining a properly functioning drainage system cannot be overstated. A damaged or  blocked drain can lead to a host of problems, ranging from unpleasant smells and slow-draining water to more serious issues like property damage and health hazards.
To keep their drains in tip-top shape, many property owners are combining two powerful tools: drain jetting and CCTV surveying.
Drain jetting is the use of high-pressure water to blast through blockages and clean out debris within a drain, while CCTV surveying involves inspecting the interior of the drain with a camera to identify any potential problems.
By combining these two methods, property owners can effectively maintain their drains and ensure they remain free of issues for longer.

Definition of Jetting and Surveying

Drain jetting is a method that involves using a high-pressure water jet to clear away blockages, grease, sediment, and other debris from the inside of a pipe or drain. The force of the water easily breaks up and flushes away any obstructions, leaving the drain clean and free-flowing.
CCTV surveying, on the other hand, is the process of examining the interior of a drain or pipe using a specially-designed camera mounted on a flexible rod.
This allows for a detailed, up-close inspection of the pipe, helping to identify any potential problems, such as cracks, root ingress, or collapsed sections, that may require repair or replacement.

Benefits of Combining Jetting and Surveying

  1. More accurate diagnosis of drainage issues: By using a CCTV survey alongside drain jetting, property owners have a clearer picture of the root cause of their drainage issues, allowing for a more targeted and effective solution.
  2. Prolonged efficiency of drainage systems: Regular drain jetting and CCTV surveying helps to keep drains free of blockages and debris, ensuring they continue to function optimally and preventing more serious issues from developing.
  3. Prevention of future issues: Identifying and addressing small issues early on can help to prevent more costly and disruptive problems from occurring in the future.

Cost Savings of Combining Jetting and Surveying

  1. Reduced need for repeat visits: By identifying the cause of a drainage issue and addressing it with drain jetting in a single visit, property owners can save on the cost of multiple call-outs and maintenance visits.
  2. Lower repair costs: Identifying and rectifying issues early on, before they become more severe, can help to minimize the need for expensive repair or replacement work.
  3. Longer-lasting drains: Keeping drains clean and well-maintained with regular drain jetting and CCTV surveying can help to extend their lifespan, ensuring a better return on investment for property owners.

Increased Efficiency of Combining Jetting and Surveying

Combining drain jetting and CCTV surveying offers a one-two punch for tackling drainage issues. By first using the camera to identify the problem, technicians can then apply the jetting process with precision, targeting the specific area that requires attention.
This not only ensures that the issue is resolved quickly but also helps to prevent unnecessary damage to the rest of the pipe or drain.
Moreover, regular jetting and surveying help to keep drains in optimal condition, free from blockages and debris that can slow down the flow of water.
This, in turn, means that drains are less likely to become blocked in the first place, ensuring they continue to function efficiently and effectively with minimal intervention.
Finally, tackling drainage issues early on can help to prevent more serious problems from developing down the line.
By regularly inspecting and maintaining drains with jetting and surveying, property owners can avoid the need for costly repair or replacement work, ensuring their drains continue to work well for longer.

Time Savings of Combining Jetting and Surveying

  1. Faster diagnosis and resolution of drainage issues: Combining the inspection capabilities of CCTV surveying with the cleaning power of drain jetting allows for a faster, more effective approach to resolving drainage problems.
  2. Reduced downtime for property owners: By tackling drainage issues quickly and efficiently, property owners can minimize disruption to their daily lives or business operations.
  3. Improved maintenance scheduling: Regular jetting and surveying allow property owners to schedule maintenance work more effectively, ensuring that issues are caught and resolved early on.

Improved Drainage of Combining Jetting and Surveying

When drain jetting and CCTV surveying are combined, the end result is a more comprehensive and effective approach to maintaining a drainage system.
By identifying and addressing issues early on, property owners can ensure that their drains remain clean, clear, and free-flowing.
In turn, this helps to prevent more serious problems from developing, such as flooding, property damage, or health hazards stemming from slow-draining or stagnant water.
By keeping their drainage systems in tip-top shape, property owners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their property is well-protected against these issues.

Examples of How Jetting and Surveying Have Benefited Residential and Commercial Properties

One example of how jetting and surveying can benefit a property is in the case of a residential property suffering from recurring blockages.
By using a CCTV survey to identify the cause of the blockage, technicians were able to determine that tree roots were infiltrating the drain.
This allowed for targeted drain jetting to remove the roots, along with recommendations for future maintenance to prevent the issue from recurring.
In a commercial setting, a restaurant experiencing slow-draining sinks and unpleasant odours was able to resolve the issue by combining drain jetting and CCTV surveying.
The survey revealed that grease and food debris were building up within the pipes, which were then cleared by the jetting process.
By incorporating regular jetting and surveying into their maintenance schedule, the restaurant has been able to maintain a clean and efficient drainage system, preventing further issues and ensuring a pleasant environment for both staff and customers.

Safety Considerations for Jetting and Surveying

When undertaking drain jetting and CCTV surveying, it is essential that all safety precautions are followed.
This includes ensuring that technicians are trained and experienced in the use of high-pressure water equipment and CCTV cameras, as well as the proper handling of any hazardous materials that may be encountered during the process.
Additionally, it is important that protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and boots, is worn at all times to minimize the risk of injury.
By following these safety guidelines, property owners can help to ensure that the jetting and surveying process is carried out safely and effectively, protecting both their property and the technicians involved.

The Important Things To Remember

Combining drain jetting and CCTV surveying offers a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective solution for maintaining residential and commercial drains

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